Intern – Subtitle Editor

You will be responsible for

•    Assign audio and video recordings and supervise the workflow for Subtitlers and Transcriptionists
•    Edit and correct transcriptions made by speech recognition software
•    Edit submitted transcriptions to remove any grammar, spelling, and formatting errors
•    Stay up-to-date on our company’s and clients’ transcription requirements and standards and transfer the knowledge to Subtitlers and Transcriptionists
•    Carry out appropriate quality control to ensure subtitles and closed captions meet expected standards
•    Ensure the accuracy of foreign and specialized terms and phrases in the transcription
•    Send completed transcriptions to your supervisor for approval
•    Submit completed assignment to client and transfer feedback from them to your team

Key skills
•    Determination
•    Resilience
•    Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
•    Excellent standard of grammar and spelling
•    An understanding of the law relating to publishing and journalism
•    Meticulous attention to detail
•    Excellent oral and written communication skills
•    An ear for different accents from all major English-speaking regions
•    IT skills

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